Michael (Mikey) William Skanderberg

Photo of Michael (Mikey) William Skanderberg , 19
This worker is represented on the LifeQuilt

Michael (Mikey) William Skanderberg - 19

Beausejour, MB - Electrical
Michael was electrocuted on December 8, 1999, while changing a light at a school. Working on live lights was a common practice in his workplace. He did not know the voltage of the lights he was working on would kill him; all the other lights were of a lower voltage. “If safety procedures had been followed and the power turned off, Michael would still be alive today." "Michael was a unique individual who was well beyond his years in knowing how to treat people. Michael, whom we lovingly referred to as 'Mikey' was a large man, 6’ 2” and 270 lbs, with a size 12 foot size and a size 14 ring finger. He was a 'friendly giant' with a hug that would melt you. Mikey’s laugh was a giggle that would make you laugh just because it was infectious to anyone who knew him. We are trying to change the safety laws so that parents, sons and daughters and anyone who works can come home safely to their families.”
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In Canada, workplace fatalities claim roughly 1,000 lives every year. Thousands more suffer from serious injuries and illnesses. And every one of those deaths, injuries and illnesses has a devastating effect on family members, friends and co-workers. Through the LifeQuilt, families honoured 100 young workers killed in Canadian workplaces, as well as injured workers, by telling their stories. The following is a list of all young workers represented on the Quilt: