Cory Grams

Photo of Cory  Grams , 22
This worker is represented on the LifeQuilt

Cory Grams - 22

Edmonton, AB - Other
Cory died on February 24, 1999, when his clothing became entangled in the underside of a conveyor, strangling him. The moving parts on the underside of the conveyor were not guarded. Cory was working alone, out of the sight line of the shear operator who controlled the conveyor. He had voiced his concerns about working alone and the absence of a panic button, to his employer. Cory was young and healthy and loved life so much. This is the most devastating thing that can happen to a family. Nothing can hurt more than this when it happens. We miss him dearly. He was our life.
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In Canada, workplace fatalities claim roughly 1,000 lives every year. Thousands more suffer from serious injuries and illnesses. And every one of those deaths, injuries and illnesses has a devastating effect on family members, friends and co-workers. Through the LifeQuilt, families honoured 100 young workers killed in Canadian workplaces, as well as injured workers, by telling their stories. The following is a list of all young workers represented on the Quilt: