Take action on Health and Safety

It’s everyone’s job!

Four workers in a fieldNo one – of any age – should be hurt or become sick because of their job.  Keeping all of us safe at work requires the combined efforts of employers, managers, supervisors and workers.

Young workers are particularly at risk – it may be the hazardous nature of the work they do, their lack of experience, or their sense of invulnerability. It could be that they’re reluctant to ask questions, or that employers are less willing to invest in training students or new workers.

According to Labour Canada, young people work just 10% of the hours of all workers, but account for 16% of injuries.

There are many resources available to help make workplaces safe – way too many to list here. A good place to start is the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety – see their extensive links by topic or region or their young worker materials.