Changing the world – one story at a time

Each year in Canada, roughly 1000 workers die as a result of traumatic workplace injuries and diseases.  If two or three commercial airliners crashed each year in Canada – a comparable death toll – imagine the outcry! But fatalities in the workplace – at the rate of three a day in this country – rarely make the headlines.

Together we can change Canada’s workplace safety culture.

But how do you make health and safety REAL to employees who have heard it all before? Threads of Life’s speakers tell the real stories behind the health and safety stats. They bring home the devastating impact a workplace tragedy has on families, co-workers, and the community.

Members of the Threads of Life Speakers Bureau are volunteers who have been affected by a workplace fatality, life-altering injury, or occupational disease. They are parents, spouses and friends. They are united in their courage and conviction—that sharing their personal story will prevent further injuries in the workplace. 

Help change the way Canada thinks about workplace health and safety – bring one of Threads of Life’s volunteer speakers to your safety day, conference or management event.

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